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The psychological impacts of hair loss, for both men and women, are severe and cannot be underestimated.

Common negative effects include a decrease in self-confidence and self-consciousness – we’ve seen it happen time and time again. But each time, we’ve been able to help our clients turn those negative feelings around with our non-surgical hair replacement systems.

If you have thinning hair, are balding or have a receding hairline, firstly, know that you are not alone! Male pattern hair loss often referred to as inherited male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia, is the most prolific type of hair loss and commonly affects men starting from about 30 years of age or sometimes younger. Male pattern hair loss is primarily an inherited condition, and it can be inherited from either your father’s or mother’s bloodline, or from both of your parents.

How slowly or quickly your hair loss progresses along with the ensuing pattern of your hair loss is also inherited mainly from your parents. MW Hair Loss is committed to helping men to overcome Male Pattern Baldness with our Hair Integration and Male Hair Loss Treatment. 

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Male Hair Loss Treatment Hair Integration Systems in Staffordshire.

Hair loss can be devastating for men psychologically and in terms of their self-image and confidence. At MW Hair Loss, we understand this and offer you a private, discreet, appointment-only service specifically for men with hereditary hair loss symptoms and male pattern baldness.

We believe you should be able to continue living your life as you want, with confidence in your appearance and without surgery and pharmaceutical drugs.

Our male hair replacement solution is a proven way to move forward; the MW Hair male hair loss treatment is neither a wig nor a toupee. It is incredibly undetectable and natural in appearance.

The MW Hair Loss hair integration systems are the perfect answer, helping your natural hair breathe whilst you gain a full head of hair and the hairstyle you’ve always wanted. Our hair loss integration system is intended for clients with up to around 70% modest to moderate hair loss or thinning hair and clients who need to let their hair recuperate and restore itself following medical treatments or illness.

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Is there an effective Cure for Male Pattern Baldness?

This is a question that many men have asked for years, sadly there are no 100% effective pharmaceutical cures for male pattern baldness at this point in time. Some Men often try Minoxidil and Finasteride as treatments for male pattern baldness. 

The downside to using these treatments are:

  • They do not work for everyone and are primarily known as ‘hit-and-miss’ methods.
  • If they work, the treatments only work for as long as you keep paying for and using them.
  • Are not available on the NHS.
  • It can be expensive in the long term. 


Discover the benefits of MW Hair Loss Male hair integration in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

  • Our Men’s Hair integration system is a new treatment for male pattern hair loss that offers a painless hair loss solution that using natural or artificial hair to replace lost hair.
  • They are known as hair integration systems because they integrate artificial or natural hair with your existing hair.
  • The artificial hair used in the integration will blend seamlessly with your hair and looks incredibly real.
  • Our Men’s Hair integration system procedures are painless and different from traditional treatments for male and pattern baldness, where you shave your head or have surgery to place implants in your scalp.
  • The results of the MW men’s hair integration system are instant.
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We're Commitred To Helping Men Overcome Male Pattern Baldness

MW Loss uses a men’s hair integration system that is not only 100% undetectable but offers an affordable and painless, non-surgical hair loss solution. No glues, no tapes a semi-permanent integrated hair replacement system and treatment for male pattern hair loss that allows you to live your life, participate in physical activities, shower, wash your hair and sleep as you would with a young mans head of hair… The perfect real-world treatment for male pattern baldness.

Our Male hair loss replacement systems use modern technology paired with skilled procedures. We create a bespoke system to fit and perfectly blend with your own head of hair… A full head of hair doesn’t have to be a distant dream if you choose an MW Hair Loss hair replacement system specifically for men.

Our Men's Hair Integration System is suitable for any man suffering from hair loss that desires to achieve a new look and regain confidence.

Our hair integration systems is an effective solution and  treatment for male pattern hair loss, are comfortable, undetectable, hypoallergenic and uniquely bespoke to each individual client. The hair systems are designed to give clients back their own heads of hair. The new hair system is created by incorporating closures and wefts of hair which are incredibly breathable and feel weightless.

The MW Hair Loss system is suitable for many men that are living with hereditary hair loss and is entirely painless and non-surgical. We ask our clients to bring along an image of the look and hairstyle they’d like to accomplish.

We then design your hair system to look like it’s your own natural hairline whilst also achieving a perfect blend of density and colour. Our male hair loss treatment hair systems will take on the appearance of a great head of hair, being cut and blended to seamlessly fit your own head of hair.

Male Hair Loss Treatment Knowledge and Expertise

male pattern baldness

The thought of wearing a hair integration system can be very daunting for many men. The idea of it being noticeable or looking unnatural is enough to frighten most men from considering hair integration. The whole concept of non-surgical hair replacement treatment is foreign and frightening to many men who don’t know much about modern-day hair systems.

Rarely spoken about, male hair integration systems have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many well-known celebrities and sportspeople use the new-found confidence and lease of life that a male hair integration system can provide. Most men with male pattern baldness who have transitioned to hair integration have expressed how it has transformed their confidence and lives for the better, and they now view life from a far more positive perspective.

MW Hair Loss provides informed information to individuals about how to maintain their hair system and care for their hair daily, allowing them to get on with everyday activities. With proper care, our hair integration systems can last for many months before a maintenance appointment is required, providing men with great confidence and satisfaction.

The hair integration systems we use are made from human hair or very authentic in appearance, artificial hair, and clients should treat the hair systems with the same amount of care as they would their hair.

We understand that some questions and fears come with hair integration; one of the most commonly asked questions we receive is whether the hair system will move or deteriorate during activities such as swimming or sun exposure. These are understandable questions to ask before investing in Men’s Hair Integration. MW Hair Loss is more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have about male hair integration systems during your consultation.

Can I work out, exercise or swim with a hair integration system?

You can swim and exercise without problems while wearing a hair replacement system. MW Hair Loss will discuss your hair’s best appropriate care and maintenance methods while exercising at your first consultation. We provide the highest quality men’s hair integration system in the Midlands, and we’re confident that you’ll be delighted with our products and services. All it takes is a discrete consultation to see how we can help you, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

At MW Hair Loss, we provide the best available male hair integration systems to make you look and feel your best. We offer much more than just men’s wigs or temporary hairpieces. Our quality mesh and meshless hair integration systems will change your life for the better, no matter how severe your hair loss may be. We’re confident in our experience and ability to provide you with a bespoke hair integration system that will exceed your expectations. Our hair replacement systems are perfect for men with up to 70% hair loss.

MW Hair Loss invites you to book a discrete and informal consultation to help you make an informed decision about whether or not this is the right choice for you. We want you to be 100% sure that this is the right decision for you, and we will do everything we can to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us today, and let us help you transform your life!

If you’re feeling anxious about male hair loss, it’s time to take action and get professional help. We’re based in Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire and offer discrete, confidential consultations at MW Hair Loss. We’re here to happily answer all your concerns and questions, helping you to find the best course of action to overcome male pattern baldness.

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