Frequently asked questions about female hair integration systems.

Hair Integration | Female Hair Loss Questions and Answers

Female Hair Loss Questions and Answers
  • While hair loss is primarily a physical issue for men, it can be both physical and emotional for women. 
  • Though many women suffer from hair loss, their struggle is less known than it is for men.
  • Hair loss amongst women is a lot more common than most people might think; It’s thought that around 40% of all hair loss sufferers are women! While hair loss is primarily a physical issue for men, it can be both physical and emotional for women. 
  • Though many women suffer from hair loss, their struggle is less known than it is for men. Thanks to modern-day female beauty stereotypes, it appears less acceptable for a woman to discuss hair loss than for a man.
  • The good news is that our hair loss systems are designed to help women suffering from thin or patchy hair; MW hair integration systems offer a natural solution for convincingly disguising female hair loss.

We answer some of the more common questions about our hair integration systems below.
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Mesh hair integration is an effective cosmetic treatment for women experiencing hair loss due to any cause, be it medical, stress, genetic factors or age.

Clients can also use it to reduce the appearance of scalp scars or hair loss patches caused by previous treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy.

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How Does Mesh Hair Integration Work?

Mesh hair integration is a netting or mesh placed at the hair’s roots above the scalp. The MW Hair Loss Mesh hair integration system allows your scalp to breathe naturally, reducing head and scalp irritation and overheating. In addition, there is no need to aggressively shave or cut the existing hair to prepare for the system. New hair is then interlaced within your own hair using natural human hair or authentic artificial strands, the finished result is a new, fuller head of hair that is thicker, stronger and healthier looking than ever before.

The benefits of mesh hair integration include the following: 


  • Richer and healthier-looking hair with higher hair density. 
  • Undetectable and very convincing, even at the parting lines.
  • Improved appearance of scars from previous treatments. 
  • Increased comfort and less irritation than wigs due to increased breathability and less overheating.
  • Increased confidence in your appearance.


It’s a requirement to follow a regular maintenance schedule with mesh-integrated hair extensions, repositioning and tightening regularly- usually between 6-12 weeks. MW Hair Loss can comfortably refit and regularly resit the hair mesh system when required.

If you are experiencing female hair loss and want to explore the possibility of mesh hair integration, MW Hair Loss can help you understand the benefits and find a hair loss solution that works best for you.


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The MW Hair Loss Meshless Hair Integration System is for women with moderate to severe hair loss or thinning, up to around 70% hair loss.


The meshless integration system is constructed from the clients existing hair using micro rings and a unique lattice pattern without the need for glue or tape, and there is no need to cut or shave off any natural hair.


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Highly Realistic and Effective

Many of our clients find that the meshless hair integration system is a highly effective way to manage the later stages of hair loss and the consequent short hair re-growth after particular medical treatments.


  • The meshless hair system fits comfortably on top of your existing hair, secured with silicone-lined micro rings. Closures toppers and wefts are then attached to the meshless system to create a discreet and authentic-looking head of hair using unique weaving methods.
  • The beauty of this technique is in the freedom it gives you to participate in any number of everyday activities and sports. The MW Hair Loss meshless hair integration system enables you to wash, brush and style your new hair as you would typically, giving our clients a huge confidence boost!


Women who have experienced hair loss may have suffered with their condition for many years, others may have just undergone medical conditions, and others may have hair loss problems bought on by stress-related side factors. There are numerous reasons, to name just a few.


It can often feel like a difficult step to book an appointment, so we offer a one-to-one consultation in private to make you feel more at ease.


  • Hair Integration appointments are private, one-to-one; no other staff or clients will be present, ensuring your complete privacy.
  • The initial consultation will allow us to sit down and go through everything with you, discussing your medical history and genetics to see how we can further help you to move forward with your hair and make your day-to-day life a little easier. Together we can talk through all the options available to you about what you’re looking to achieve.
  • We will discuss hair length, thickness and colour, considering your lifestyle and whether the meshless hair integration will fit your needs.


While our cosmetic hair integration systems are not a cure for hair loss, they will entirely disguise areas of hair loss. In addition, your hair can continue growing underneath, so if hair growth does resume, we can simply remove the meshless hair system.

We discuss your costs at the initial consultation. We require a 50% deposit to secure your appointment if you want to go ahead with the system. Once your deposit has been paid, we make up your customised closure and wefts based on your chosen length, colour, and thickness. The meshless hair system takes roughly two weeks to produce, as all our units are customised to each client’s needs and made individually.


If you are experiencing female hair loss and want to explore the possibility of meshless hair integration, MW Hair Loss can help you understand the benefits and find a hair loss solution that works best for you.


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Meshless Hair Integration | Aftercare

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After we install the hair integration system, you will receive comprehensive aftercare and washing/drying guidance for your new hair.

Quality products recommended by MW Hair Loss matter for longevity when it comes to looking after your new hair integration system.

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  • The critical thing to remember is to treat your new hair with a bit more care than you would your natural hair and scalp.
  • You shouldn’t rub harshly when washing or towel drying, assure that your hair is fully dry before you go to bed.
  • Let your hair dry naturally for as long as possible before gently using a blow dryer at a moderate heat setting.


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Hair integrations are not a one system fits all solution. All clients have different needs, hair types/length requirements, etc. 

For this reason, we can not offer fixed-price hair integrations.

We can better ascertain your cost at your initial consultation. If you decide you want to go ahead with hair integration, a 50% deposit will be required to secure your appointment.  MW Hair Loss is with you every step of the way to offer specialist advice and information and advice.

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Our hair systems are undetectable. If maintained correctly, no one ever needs to know you have hair integration.

We have not met anyone who regrets the installation of our hair integration systems. However, when some of our clients initially have had hair integrations, they worry that people will guess they have fake hair, as with wigs and poorly fitted hair extensions. This isn’t the case with our hair integration systems; Installed correctly, they will be undetectable, blend in with your own hair, and give the appearance of a natural head of hair.

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Our hair integration system appointments are held in a small and discrete location  away from town centres.  Client appointments are on a private and discrete one-to-one basis. 

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MW Hair Loss is located in Stoke-on-Trent. Our practice is conveniently located in the North Midlands to save travelling to mesh and meshless hair integration practices based out of busy salons in Manchester, Birmingham and London.

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Yes we can also offer Men hair integration systems. Find out more info here

Many resources are available to further explain and speak about female hair loss on a clinical and health level, one great resource can be found below:

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