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Female hair loss can be an incredibly frustrating and embarrassing experience for a woman and there are many reasons that can cause hair loss in women, it can prove challenging to know how to overcome the problem.

Fortunately, at MW Hair Loss, we have several female hair integration systems and women’s custom hair systems that can help to restore your hair’s appearance to it’s best and give you back the confidence you once had.

Our focus approached hair loss solutions can be tailor-made for women and men, and we will work with you to find the best option for your individual needs.

What is female hair integration, and how does it work?

Hair integration is the process of blending real or artificial hair with your natural hair, creating a seamless look. It’s a great solution to overcome hair loss whilst retaining the appearance of a natural, full head of hair.

There are many different types of hair integration systems, and they all work differently. Some systems use mesh fabric, while others use meshless techniques. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. The best thing about our hair integration systems is the life-changing results we achieve for our happy clients.
Our hair integration systems are the perfect solution if you are looking for a way to overcome hair loss and restore your confidence. We can aid you in creating a new look that is both fashionable and naturally convincing.

Our Hair integration systems are pain-free and non-surgical; the procedure involves blending your existing hair with either genuine or authentic, in appearance artificial hair. The MW Hair Loss systems are fitted to a custom-made hair integration system to create a full head of fantastic-looking hair! Our skilled hair loss consultants are qualified and trained to make the most natural-looking hair integration systems available in the UK.

Contact us today to learn more about our innovative hair integration options and how they can help you overcome your hair loss problem.

At MW Hair Loss, we believe that every woman should have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy, beautiful head of hair.

We at MW Hair Loss Specialists understand that hair plays a significant role in a woman’s self-confidence. We also know that a great-looking hairstyle can change how we feel about ourselves, giving us added confidence, inside and out. MW Hair Loss mesh and meshless female hair integration systems can help you achieve the look you want, whether you’re looking for a complete change, more length, or more volume.

We offer a variety of female hair loss solutions that focus on restoring lost hair without invasive surgery or requiring the need to take pharmaceutical drugs.
Our systems use tried, tested and proven hair restoration technologies that are designed to work with your natural hair texture and density. In addition, our hair integration systems are surprisingly affordable without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.

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Taking The First Step

We fully understand a woman’s desire to regain her luscious locks. The MW Hair Integration System will help you regain a gorgeous full head of hair.

Women who have experienced hair loss may have suffered with their condition for many years, and others may have only just undergone specific medical treatments. Other possible reasons for female hair loss could be stress-related, medication side effects, and numerous other reasons. 

We offer women a real and tangible solution to improve the appearance of your hair, and the best part is know one will ever know!

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Your Discretion Guaranteed

It can often feel somewhat challenging to take the first step and book an appointment, as many ladies haven’t stepped foot in a hair salon for years due to being embarrassed about the effects of female hair loss. Please don’t feel self-conscious, as many clients have to remove wigs and hair pieces; we’re here to help you in taking steps to restore your hair to its former glory. You can be assured of an understanding and sympathetic nature when visiting MW Hair Loss, with discretion and one-to-one privacy guaranteed.

Women's hair integration solution

Thick hair and femininity are intrinsically linked. The public often views a good head of hair as a sign of youth and vitality, and it’s something which most women strive to achieve.

Brands bombard us with adverts for hair-thickening shampoos and conditioners. If you’re unfortunate enough to end up with thinning hair, you can often feel you’ve lost your confidence and be left feeling unattractive, especially when all your friends have thick well-styled hair.

The MW Hair Loss meshless hair system is our top-rated hair loss solution for women. Our meshless hair system effectively manages and disguises the later stages of hair loss and the short hair re-growth when medical treatments have finished. 

Hair Density & Volume

The natural beauty of this technique is its freedom; you can genuinely feel confident in participating in any number of everyday activities, friends and family occasions or sports and fitness without worrying about your hair loss being noticeable. 

The meshless hair integration system enables you to wash, brush and style your hair as you would normally, giving clients a huge confidence boost.

MW female Hair Loss integration systems seamlessly blend with your existing hair invisibly. Our tailor-made female hair integration systems guarantee a significant increase in hair density and volume, hiding the scalp and eliminating the need for wigs or surgery. Securely placed with hidden silicone-lined micro rings; closures, toppers and wefts are also attached to the meshless system to create a wonderfully comfortable, discreet, and incredibly real-looking head of hair.

Restored Confidence



The Benefits of MW Hair Loss Integration Systems

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Why is Hair Integration the better option?

Many clear benefits are known for using a hair integration system.
Our clients choose hair integration systems because they believe it’s better than wearing wigs or other temporary hair systems. Hair integration systems are semi-permanent and much more comfortable to wear than wig systems and look far more natural, allowing you to get on with your day-to-day life without the risks of wigs becoming insecure!

How Do Hair Integration Systems Work?

Several hair integration systems are available; mesh and meshless hair integration systems are the most effective. These hair systems consist of real or artificial hairs interwoven into your natural hair. Synthetic hairs are authentic in appearance and manufactured to look like natural hair and feel soft and comfortable to the touch and to wear.

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Ongoing Support

The MW Hair Loss Integration System requires maintenance appointments every six and twelve weeks.

Keeping on top of your hair integration maintenance ensures you always look your best. We’ll also advise you on how to care for your new hair and how to use and choose the best and kindest products for your new and unique hair.

Whilst our hair integration system is not a cure for hair loss, it does completely disguise areas of hair loss, and only those closest to you and whom you choose to tell will know the secret of your new youthful head of hair! In addition, your hair can continue growing underneath as usual, so if your hair growth does resume, you can safely remove our hair integration system at a later date.